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Tips on Keeping Your Lawn Green during the Warmer Months

Professional Advice Offered by a Dependable Lawn Care Service Provider

One of the questions regarding lawn maintenance that people ask during the summer is how to make their grass green. Although there are lots of different methods and techniques that could help get a long-lasting green grass if applied correctly, there is one thing that everyone should know. The key to having a healthy, green lawn is proper and regular maintenance. Here are some helpful tips from a dependable lawn care service provider on how to achieve that.

The most important thing you need to do when maintaining a lawn is water it right. If it’s not getting the water it needs, this is probably the reason why it’s not as green as you would like it to be. If you apply fertilizer on grass that hasn’t been watered right, you can damage it forever. Thus, to avoid that from happening, experts say you need to water your lawn every 2 to 3 days on the depth of one inch. It’s better to water it rarely, but deeply, not the other way around. When you water the grass lightly, the roots will stay near the surface of the soil, which will most likely kill it in the summer.

In case your grass is not as green as it should be, you need to consider watering it every other day for about two weeks, again one inch at a time. Two weeks later, apply fertilizer and continue with the heavy watering. In the third week, your grass should have become greener. In case this is not happening, there could be something else that’s affecting your grass, and you should consider turning to lawn care professionals.

You also need to consider using an iron supplement every once in a while instead of the fertilizer. The iron supplements won’t feed the grass in the way fertilizers would, but they will make it develop slower. This means that the grass will be able to absorb water as well as nutrients from the soil faster and easier. Another good reason why you should use iron supplements is that you won’t risk burning your grass in case you apply an excess amount.

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Need a Few Pointers on How to Care for Your New Garden?

What Exactly Does Custom Landscaping Mean?

Custom landscaping involves any water feature, patio design, and decking, which is installed and maintained by a professional company. Landscape projects could include planting and caring for flowers, trees, bushes, in addition to mowing lawns and a variety of other similar services. Some customers also want winter care, like ice and snow removal, including in their agreements. Landscapers should be fully trained and have all the right tools and equipment, which will save their clients a lot of time and effort.

Spring and summer care is an important part of custom landscapes. Clients could choose to have their service providers mow the lawns, maintain the appearance of their garden, and plant shrubs or flowers. Landscapers will also water, sow, and care for the lawns, in addition to removing any unsightly weeds. Garden design could be requested as well and most landscapers will be specially trained to create unique designs for their customers. Factors like the garden’s size, sunlight exposure, and their client’s preferences will be taken into account.

Another common part of custom landscapes is deck and patio designs. Most landscapers will be sufficiently equipped to care for the various plants in a garden, as well as constructing and maintaining exterior structures. It is not unusual for clients to work closely with their landscapers in order to design a unique garden. Materials such as wood, metal, and concrete are sometimes used to construct patios and decks.

Water gardens have grown in popularity over the past few decades and are regularly seen in numerous landscape designs. Landscapers could install ponds and fountains to add more visual interest to a property. Water growing plants and fish are sometimes used to enhance the appeal of these water features.

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Want to Make Sure Your Soil Is Not Too Compacted?

What to Look for When Purchasing a Lawn Care Aerator

One thing you need to consider when purchasing a lawn care aerator is exactly how much your lawn needs to be aerated. Some kinds of grass have a tendency to mat together, which will not allow water, fertilizers, and sunlight to reach the soil beneath; in addition to having bad drainage, however, sandy soil will not need as much aeration.

Should your lawn be healthy, try using aeration shoes. These weird looking shoes come with an array of sharp triangular spikes. They are strapped onto your normal shoes and will help to aerate your lawn. For homeowners that are regularly in their gardens, these shoes are an excellent choice. Plus, you will get exercise and provide a continuous method for aeration.

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Find a Reputable Landscaper for Your Wonderful Garden

Need a Contractor Who Offers a Complete Landscaping Service?

Whether you need a specialist to create a new landscape from the scratch or you just need to do some improvements in your outdoor space, you will need the services of a well-trained and dependable landscaper.

A master landscaping contractor offers customized designs ready to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. He creates styles according to your individual needs and lifestyle. Finding a balance between your wishes and the nature’s necessities could be performed only by a contractor with extensive experience. He will impress you with the landscape construction itself and give you vital tips for its appropriate upkeep. A complete landscaping service also includes seasonal planting, tree pruning, and overall yard cleanup. Providing a variety of irrigation systems is extremely important. Need an effective system to reduce your utility bills and make your lawn look always fresh?

When you need unique and inspirational ideas about your dream garden, turn to Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC. Our Macon, GA specialists are available at (478) 957-5357.

Looking for a More User-Friendly Garden?

What Exactly Does Garden Landscaping Entail?

Garden landscaping basically refers to any plants and features, which have been placed in order to create a more pleasant area within a garden. This can be performed by a professional landscaper or a handy amateur gardener. All depending upon the needs and wishes of the homeowner, design priority could be solely for aesthetics, or to create a more workable area. Common elements found in this type of garden, range from the likes of shrubs, gravel, walkways, trees, flowers, shrubs, grass, water features, exterior furniture, and mood lighting.

The principles of this kind of garden can be used in any sized garden space, such as public parks to small gardens. Professionally trained designers also referred to as landscape architects, are brought in to plan the garden or public area. They could be hired by a homeowner, that wants to introduce a more professional design to their exterior space. With many cases, a handy homeowner can plan and execute their own design.

While garden landscapes are generally intended to be more visually pleasing to the eye, the designer needs to consider more than just this when planning a design. They need to take into consideration how space will be used and then choose what will be needed to do this. For example, a garden in a vacation home could have a patio and exterior furniture, which will allow the family to have meals alfresco style. Other considerations are the quality of soil and the region’s climate, both of which dictate which foliage can be planted.

Plants which are commonly seen in gardens range from flowers, trees, and shrubs. Plus, depending upon what the intended atmosphere is desired, these plants could be highly specialized. For example, a garden could have hedge mazes or flowers, that are placed in certain designs. However, with other cases, a landscaper could lean more towards informal foliage, like randomly placed wild flowers.

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Why Hire a Skilled Landscaper?

Advantages of Hiring an Honest Landscaping Service Provider

Taking care of your home’s exterior should be a priority for you. Below, you can find some good reasons to hire a professional landscaping service provider.

Doing landscaping designs is a hard job. When you need professional advice about creating a new garden from scratch or just a few tips about proper lawn maintenance, you should turn to a knowledgeable contractor. Another great reason to consider is the time and money they will save you. We live in a busy world. Creating a new lawn from scratch will take time and effort but when you work with a professional contractor who respects your time and budget, it will be easier.

When you need top-quality and affordable landscaping services in the Macon, GA area, choose our team of experts. Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC is at your disposal. We are available to answer your questions at (478) 957-5357.

Want to Have Green Grass during the Hot Summer?

Helpful Lawn Care Tips Offered by a Dependable Contractor

One of the questions that homeowners ask lawn service providers is how to keep their grass green during the hot summer days. Although there are many methods and techniques that have to be applied correctly in order to achieve long-lasting effects, there is a single thing that all homeowners should know. The key to a beautiful, green lawn is proper maintenance. Here are some helpful lawn care tips and tricks on how you can achieve that.

The most important part of the lawn maintenance is watering. If you are not giving your grass the amount of water it needs, it won’t be as green as you would like it to be. Additionally, if you apply fertilizer to a lawn that is not watered well, you risk damaging it forever. In order to prevent that from happening, experts advise having your lawn watered every 2 to 3 days to a depth of an inch. It’s way better to water it deeply and rarely rather than lightly and daily. The light watering will make the grass’s roots stay in the top layer of the soil, which can kill them in the summer.

If you grass is not as green as you want it to be, think about watering it every other day for two weeks, again one inch at a time. After those two weeks pass, apply fertilizer and continue with the heavy watering. When the third week comes, your grass should already be greener. If it isn’t, there could be something that is affecting it. And that’s when you need to consider turning to a dependable lawn care service provider for help.

You also have to consider applying some iron supplements every once in a while, rather than just a fertilizer. Iron supplements won’t feed the grass as much as a fertilizer would, which will make the lawn develop a bit slower. This means that the grass will absorb water and nutrients from the soil quicker and easier. Another great benefit of using iron supplements is that you won’t risk burning your grass in case you apply an excessive amount.

Whenever you feel your grass needs to be maintained by true lawn care experts, don’t hesitate to contact Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC. We offer high-quality services to the people residing in Macon, GA, and if you are interested in finding out more, just give us a call at (478) 957-5357.

Want Some Tips on What to Look for in a Landscaper?

Things to Consider When Hiring a Landscaping Service

Landscaping does play a major role in the overall appearance of a property. Choosing a landscaping service to fulfil your requirements will greatly depend upon what you are looking to achieve. There are various professional landscapers, all of which have different qualifications and skills, and choosing one is just like choosing any other contractor for a project. You must be prepared to meet and talk about what your plans are, with a minimum of 3 different companies before reaching any kind of decision.

If your needs are simple, like repairing a diseased or damaged lawn, trimming trees and bushes, mulching, or maybe installing a few more plants or bushes, you need to ask for detailed plans and estimates from all the landscapers you are considering. Ensure you will hire one that has a license and is bonded, and remember to ask about any chemicals or pesticides they could use in their line of work. You should also ask if the landscaper provides garden maintenance, once the project has been completed.

On the flip side, if your landscaping needs be bigger or more complicated and you want to totally redesign your landscape, you will then need of a fully qualified landscaping service. Big landscaping job, such as building projects, call for the likes of design prints, project coordination and careful planning. A professional landscaper is able to offer you plans based on a consultation and evaluation of your garden, in addition to the estimate and time schedule for completion.

Big landscape jobs need the attention of someone that is skilled in creating designs, works with particular style homes, and whose plantings will work better with the location of your house. Plus, a professional will also take into account, the kind of care you need for the lifestyle you lead. In other words, if you want a nice-looking garden that requires low maintenance, your landscaper will not install plants which are high maintenance.

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Main Lawn Types

Hiring a Lawn Care Contractor

There are many kinds of grass, and we understand that sometimes it is not easy to choose; therefore, in this blog post, we will mention some of the most common lawn problems.

Crabgrass for example is fast-growing and vigorous and thrives better in lawns underfertilized and mowed too low, so it is very important to time the mowing of this type of grass. If you have applied pre-emergence herbicides in late spring or summer, we regret to say that it is already too late to do anything. However, you can always hire a reliable lawn service professional to remove the entire plague.

Dandelions can be a potential danger if you are not careful enough, they usually thrive in lawns with very little fertilizers. Pulling the flower won’t solve your problem, you must remove or kill the entire root.

These are the most common weed gardeners that homeowners have to deal with in U.S.; however, there are some other problems that can affect your lawn.

The most common and at the same time dangerous mistake is the misapplication or fertilizers. The use of chemicals is not a game; therefore, you should always let a professional lawn care contractor take care of it. Homeowners either apply too much fertilizers or at the wrong time of the year. If you are enjoy taking care of your landscape, we recommend using slow release fertilizers. They are designed to release the ingredients slowly over a longer period, and they don’t need to be used that frequently. Also, the chances of burning the lawn are minor. Our rule of thumb is better safe than sorry, so contact a gardener to help you out with your landscape before it gets worse.

If you are looking for a professional lawn care contractor in Macon, GA, we are just what you are looking for! Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC is a professional company, so feel free to call us at (478) 957-5357.

Green Landscaping 2

More Tips to Finding the Best Landscaper

The competition for landscaping companies these days is fierce. There are various options for these companies and it is good for you as the prices would be better due to the tough competition.

The expertise of the landscaperalong with your personal design ideas, professional landscape company can make your dreams for your yard into a reality.

Always Check Their License. The first thing that is needed to be done in outsourcing a landscaping contractor is to check out their business license. You should never trust a company who isn’t licensed to do the job. Some of the licenses they would need to pass include a general liability, irrigation and much more.

Communication. Ensure that the company you are hiring is open to communication. They should listen to what you have to say as well as give you an overview and detailed updates about the project. Misunderstanding on both ends may result to problems that would affect the progress made so far.

Whenever you need a dependable landscaping service in Macon, GA, contact Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC at (478) 957-5357. They can provide you with skilled professionals that provide high-quality services like no other.