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Just imagine for a moment, a nice looking backyard where you can place the barbecue and still have beautifully arranged flower beds? How about a bench and a small pond where Great looking garden around the house you can relax under the canopy of your own tree? And for your children a new swing can be great fun. We, at Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC, can help you make all this real and even more. Our creative landscaping experts can design the perfect project for your property. We care about your residential and commercial properties. Transforming horrible looking yards into well maintained masterpieces makes us proud. We offer scheduling for a lawn care service in order to keep the great look of your property.

We can plan your entire landscaping projectIt is amazing how different your yard can look, when we add some flowers or curbing in front of the house. We can change the entire landscaping by adding bushes or trees. It is up to you how your property is going to look. Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC can give you some suggestions on what could be the right thing for your unique landscape. The job of a landscaper is really creative and involves serious communication with customers. Our friendly landscaping team is ready to hear you out and discuss your ideas.

by O. WILKINS on Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC
Really nice landscaping company

If you need a reliable landscaping contractor, I strongly recommend you choose Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC. They made my lawn nice and green. Believe me this was a hard task because nothing wants to grow in my yard. These professionals transformed the whole place and now I am a happy owner with a beautiful garden where I can relax after a hard day.

Let’s begin a landscaping adventure together

A landscaping contractor is an incredible specialist with lots of experience and freedom to create beautiful yards. It does not matter if you have a small place in front of your home or a bigger space, a landscaping contractor from Tuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC will be able to transform it. Nothing is impossible when you have dreams and the right landscaping contractor for the job. Why wait, give us a call at (478) 957-5357 and let’s start creating your needed landscape.

Leave the work to a landscaping contractorThe landscaping service we offer includes making an evaluation of the location and suggesting a proper design. If you already have the landscaping you always wanted, we can sign you up for regular maintenance. We will make sure that a skillful landscaper will keep an eye on your property in Macon GA. This will ensure that your landscaping is balanced and everything we create looks exactly the way it should.

Good looking lawnTuff Dogg Lawn Care LLC has been a landscaping contractor for 8 wonderful years and looks forward to keeping serving Macon GA and the area. Providing a flawless landscaping service is our main priority. Give us a call at (478) 957-5357 and make your appointment today. Do you know that landscaping can enhance your property and raise the selling price? Investing in an affordable landscaping service can be a good way to increase the value of your property. Every project we start is strongly individual and we pay attention to every detail in order to make it perfect. We can create a garden wall, patio or a small pond with nice greenery surrounding your home. This unique landscape will represent your individuality and make you feel calm after a busy day. We can create your own personal paradise in your backyard. Call our office at (478) 957-5357 and we will send our technicians.

Why Curbing?

  • Install is quick and easy
  • Permanent and manintenace-free
  • Prevents erosion and helps irragate expensive flowers
  • Provides barriers for roots & borders for grass, patios and driveways
Attractive Versatile Stylish
  • Compliments landscape
  • Clean distinctive look
  • Increased Value in one day
  • Matches any style of hardscape
  • Borders Flowers, Trees, patios, pools or other settings
  • Residential or commercerial use
  • Dozens of styles
  • Wide range of colors,accents & looks
  • looks great anywhere in the yard!

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