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What Exactly Does Garden Landscaping Entail?

Garden landscaping basically refers to any plants and features, which have been placed in order to create a more pleasant area within a garden. This can be performed by a professional landscaper or a handy amateur gardener. All depending upon the needs and wishes of the homeowner, design priority could be solely for aesthetics, or to create a more workable area. Common elements found in this type of garden, range from the likes of shrubs, gravel, walkways, trees, flowers, shrubs, grass, water features, exterior furniture, and mood lighting.

The principles of this kind of garden can be used in any sized garden space, such as public parks to small gardens. Professionally trained designers also referred to as landscape architects, are brought in to plan the garden or public area. They could be hired by a homeowner, that wants to introduce a more professional design to their exterior space. With many cases, a handy homeowner can plan and execute their own design.

While garden landscapes are generally intended to be more visually pleasing to the eye, the designer needs to consider more than just this when planning a design. They need to take into consideration how space will be used and then choose what will be needed to do this. For example, a garden in a vacation home could have a patio and exterior furniture, which will allow the family to have meals alfresco style. Other considerations are the quality of soil and the region’s climate, both of which dictate which foliage can be planted.

Plants which are commonly seen in gardens range from flowers, trees, and shrubs. Plus, depending upon what the intended atmosphere is desired, these plants could be highly specialized. For example, a garden could have hedge mazes or flowers, that are placed in certain designs. However, with other cases, a landscaper could lean more towards informal foliage, like randomly placed wild flowers.

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