Want to Have Green Grass during the Hot Summer?

Helpful Lawn Care Tips Offered by a Dependable Contractor

One of the questions that homeowners ask lawn service providers is how to keep their grass green during the hot summer days. Although there are many methods and techniques that have to be applied correctly in order to achieve long-lasting effects, there is a single thing that all homeowners should know. The key to a beautiful, green lawn is proper maintenance. Here are some helpful lawn care tips and tricks on how you can achieve that.

The most important part of the lawn maintenance is watering. If you are not giving your grass the amount of water it needs, it won’t be as green as you would like it to be. Additionally, if you apply fertilizer to a lawn that is not watered well, you risk damaging it forever. In order to prevent that from happening, experts advise having your lawn watered every 2 to 3 days to a depth of an inch. It’s way better to water it deeply and rarely rather than lightly and daily. The light watering will make the grass’s roots stay in the top layer of the soil, which can kill them in the summer.

If you grass is not as green as you want it to be, think about watering it every other day for two weeks, again one inch at a time. After those two weeks pass, apply fertilizer and continue with the heavy watering. When the third week comes, your grass should already be greener. If it isn’t, there could be something that is affecting it. And that’s when you need to consider turning to a dependable lawn care service provider for help.

You also have to consider applying some iron supplements every once in a while, rather than just a fertilizer. Iron supplements won’t feed the grass as much as a fertilizer would, which will make the lawn develop a bit slower. This means that the grass will absorb water and nutrients from the soil quicker and easier. Another great benefit of using iron supplements is that you won’t risk burning your grass in case you apply an excessive amount.

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