Tips on Keeping Your Lawn Green during the Warmer Months

Professional Advice Offered by a Dependable Lawn Care Service Provider

One of the questions regarding lawn maintenance that people ask during the summer is how to make their grass green. Although there are lots of different methods and techniques that could help get a long-lasting green grass if applied correctly, there is one thing that everyone should know. The key to having a healthy, green lawn is proper and regular maintenance. Here are some helpful tips from a dependable lawn care service provider on how to achieve that.

The most important thing you need to do when maintaining a lawn is water it right. If it’s not getting the water it needs, this is probably the reason why it’s not as green as you would like it to be. If you apply fertilizer on grass that hasn’t been watered right, you can damage it forever. Thus, to avoid that from happening, experts say you need to water your lawn every 2 to 3 days on the depth of one inch. It’s better to water it rarely, but deeply, not the other way around. When you water the grass lightly, the roots will stay near the surface of the soil, which will most likely kill it in the summer.

In case your grass is not as green as it should be, you need to consider watering it every other day for about two weeks, again one inch at a time. Two weeks later, apply fertilizer and continue with the heavy watering. In the third week, your grass should have become greener. In case this is not happening, there could be something else that’s affecting your grass, and you should consider turning to lawn care professionals.

You also need to consider using an iron supplement every once in a while instead of the fertilizer. The iron supplements won’t feed the grass in the way fertilizers would, but they will make it develop slower. This means that the grass will be able to absorb water as well as nutrients from the soil faster and easier. Another good reason why you should use iron supplements is that you won’t risk burning your grass in case you apply an excess amount.

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